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Potts &; Callahan are able to offer materials from various locations. The items below are quoted F.O.B. point of origin and are priced per cubic yard.

Trucks are measured at 8 cubic single axle load and twelve cubic yards tandem axle load.


Need more information contact Scale House/Crusher @ (410) 488-2435

Credit Application and Dump Release Forms

Stone Report for Recycler

Clay$15.00 C.Y.$180.00 /load
Common Borrow$6.00 C.Y.$72.00 /load
Select Borrow$10.00 C.Y.$120.00 /load
Regular Topsoil$50.00 C.Y.
Screened Topsoil$60.00 C.Y.
Crushed Bituminous Concrete$5.00 ton
Crushed Bituminous Concrete (Single Axle)$95.00 Load
Crushed Bituminous Concrete (Tandem Axle)$110.00 Load
Crushed Concrete$5.00 ton
Crushed Concrete (Single Axle)$65.00 Load
Crushed Concrete (Tandem Axle)$100.00 Load
#57 Stone $30.00 Ton
Pea Gravel $30.00 Ton
Sand $30.00 Ton

Delivery price are available upon request and the prices are negotiable for large quantities.

There is a truck scale available at our Crushing Plant located @ 5001 Pulaski Highway.

We offer several locations for disposing of clean materials. We  Do Not accept hazardous, contaminated, or organic materials.

Dump fees are quoted for hauling by Potts & Callahan, Inc. trucks to landfills that are open during normal working hours.

Dumping Fees
Brick, Dirt, or Stone$20.00 /ton
Dump Fee (Single Axle)$95.00 /load
Dump Fee (Tandem)$110.00 /load
Dump Fee (Tandem @ Crusher) Clean Concrete$105.00 /load
Dump Fee (Tandem @ Crusher) Concrete/Reinforcing$200.00 /load
Dump Fee (Single Axle @ Crusher) Bituminous Concrete $230.00 /load
Dump Fee (Tandem @ Crusher) Bituminous Concrete $300.00 /load
Vacuum Trucks$250.00 /load